Live Events

Live EventsAs a leader in the event industry for 25 years, DB Production Services has provided sound, lighting, video, backline, and technical crew services for national artists, corporate, and ministry-based organizations. We have provided these services for prestigious national events including World Youth Day, Youth Specialties, DCLA, and many others.

We provide complete packages including all show equipment, systems engineers, event scripting/production directing, presentation graphics, as well as venue stage and seating CAD design for adult and youth events of all sizes. Our experienced team works with you to plan and design your event.

Live EventsDB Production Services is a true “full production” provider. All sound, lighting, video, and backline equipment is owned and maintained by DBPS. Our crew is trained in the professional operation and care of the equipment. They have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of stage presentation, music, worship, and drama. They listen to you and always work for the total success of the event.

Whether your need is “state-of-the art” Yamaha digital sound consoles, “in-ear” monitoring, automated lighting, a Spyder video screen blending and management system, or custom backdrops and scrims, we have the right equipment for the job.

Live EventsWe also have the trussing, show towers, chain motors, and rigging equipment to safely support the show.

In addition, we offer a substantial list of backline equipment (drum sets, bass amps, guitar amps, and keyboards) to meet most demanding musicians’ tour riders.

Since most events move from city to city, DB Production Services maintains our own trucks and semi-trailers to provide quality equipment transportation for the complete event and tour travel package.

Give us a call or drop us a note. We look forward to serving you.